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Yosemite Camp 4

Yosemite Camp 4

Guérin, éditions Paulsen
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Mountaineering in the 1960s in the United States.

Yosemite Camp 4 has become a cult book that has thrilled thousands of climbers with a few historic pitches gained on the granite of Yosemite. These crazy climbers, crazy people, who wanted to reinvent paradise in the 1960s, succeeded.

Heroes or rogues? In the 1960s, the pioneers of American climbing "wore ornaments, peed next to their tents" and opened big firsts on the smooth walls of Yosemite. They are the best rock climbers in the world. Non-conformists, they will invent everything: the quipment, the lifestyle, the ethics and the climbing. They will make "Camp 4" the unforgettable place of their grandiose projects, their laughter, their loves and their tumultuous friendships.

Language: French
Numer of pages: 414
Size: 12 cm x 17cm

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