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Joker (9.1mm, 80m) - unicore drycover, blue, climbing rope

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Joker (9.1mm, 80m) - unicore drycover, blue, climbing rope

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The JOKER, a single, double, and twin climbing rope is the perfect combination of lightness, smooth performance, and safety, making it ideal for versatile and experienced climbers.

It's the only rope that meets the requirements for all three standards of dynamic ropes.

The JOKER 9.1 mm rope is a true multi-tasker, adaptable to a wide range of climbing scenarios. It strikes the right balance between being lightweight, offering smooth handling, and ensuring safety, making it an excellent choice for experienced climbers. Additionally, its versatility extends to more traditional climbers seeking a rope suitable for ridge running, classic, mixed, or snow climbing.

Renowned for being the first rope to meet all three dynamic rope standards, the JOKER rope now offers even more versatility, ensuring optimal performance. A notable feature of this new JOKER rope is the integration of UNICORE* technology, which enhances safety and durability by uniting the core and sheath.

Diameter: 9.1 mm
Weight: 52 g/m
Dynamic elongation: 34%
Static elongation: 8%
Impact force: 8.2kN


An astonishing process, bonding rope sheath and core without affecting the rope’s suppleness.

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