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À corde tendue

À corde tendue

Guérin, éditions Paulsen
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From Yosemite to the Himalayas, two brothers, accomplices and rivals, form a rope of mutants.

For over two decades, the Huber brothers, Thomas and Alexander, have been leading figures in the world of climbing. Hailing from Bavaria, they have roped together as children, as friends, as allies, and as training partners, and have forged a profound connection as a result. Their relationship is a complex blend of camaraderie and rivalry, with the success of one brother only serving to stoke the competitive fires of the other.

This book takes on a triple challenge: it chronicles the remarkable journey of the Huber brothers as they conquer the vertical and often overhanging faces of the world's most beautiful mountains, capturing their adventures through the extraordinary work of photographer-mountaineers who relentlessly pursued them. It delves into their athletic careers, which mirror the radical shifts in the world of climbing. Lastly, it seeks to unravel the mystery of the tumultuous and captivating tale of two strong-willed brothers and their incredible climbing partnership.

Sportel Book Award 2017

Author: François Carrel
Language: French
Number of pages: 448
Size: 23 x 23 cm

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