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The Push  Paperback

The Push Paperback

Penguin Random House
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On January 14, 2015, Tommy Caldwell, along with his partner Kevin Jorgeson, achieved what is widely regarded as the most challenging climb in history: the near-vertical 3,000-foot Dawn Wall in Yosemite, after a nineteen-day ascent. Caldwell's incredible feat, the subject of the upcoming documentary film 'The Dawn Wall,' set to be released nationwide in September, was the culmination of a lifelong journey of pushing himself to the limits as an athlete.

This captivating memoir traces the life of a young boy raised by a mountain-guide father who was determined to instill resilience in his son, to a teen whose obsessive nature drove him to the peak of the sport-climbing circuit.

Caldwell's unwavering passion for adventure eventually propelled him into the enigmatic, vertigo-inducing world of big wall free climbing. However, his journey as a climber was not without its challenges. In his early twenties, he faced a harrowing ordeal when he was held hostage by militants in the Kyrgyzstan mountains. Later, an accident resulted in the loss of his left index finger. Following these adversities, his wife and primary climbing partner left him. However, Caldwell emerged from these challenges with renewed purpose and determination.

He set his sights on free climbing El Capitan's biggest, steepest, and featureless face-the Dawn Wall. This monumental endeavor spanned over seven years, during which time Caldwell reshaped the sport, found love once more, and became a father.

'The Push' is a story about unwavering focus, drive, motivation, endurance, and transformation. It is a book that will resonate with people who are striving to overcome fear and doubt, who want to nurture perseverance, turn setbacks into opportunities for growth, and reconnect with family and the natural world.

Author: Tommy Caldwell
Language: English
Pages: 341

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