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Dolomites, 150ans d'escalade

Les Editions du Mont-Blanc
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The Dolomites! Is there a mountain range on the planet that is so fascinating, that gives off such an impression of harmony between the unspoilt nature, the turquoise lakes straight out of a postcard, between the flora, the green of the mountain pastures, and the majesty of the peaks, the steepness of the walls that rise out of the scree in an insolent geometry? A place where, after having walked above the void for hours, even days, one quickly finds the sweetness of life? Who hasn't dreamt of the achievements of Preuss, Dibona, Vinatzer, Cassin, Messner, and today Bole, Huber or Dal Pra?

Author: Bernard Vaucher
Foreword: Sonia Livanos
Language: French
Pages: 264,
Dimensions: 25 cm x 28 cm

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